Now writing: The Way of the Wind

About the Author


My Experiences

Becoming and author of transformational fiction has taken me through many experiences, all of which seem to have been preparing me to write stories. 

As a spiritual director, my work is not to tell someone what his story should be, or to try to shape his story, but rather to listen with her as she chooses the path of her heart's story. 

As a spiritual counselor, my work is to act as a death and birth coach as an individual lets go of old, destructive attachments (story) and steps into a completely new story based on his or her true identity. 

Sure, I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. I have degrees in engineering and medical physics. Yep, I've practiced in the profession of medical physics for 30+ years. But those are stories for another time. 


My Community

As a writer, I want to know your story. Our stories not only speak to our lives,   but impact the lives of people around us. Who is writing your story? How did you think your story was going to read? What twist and turns has your story taken? I think a story describes a path or journey. Where would you like for your story to take you? How have the ruts, detours and broken places along the way shaped a better story, even if reading it makes you cry? 


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